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REFER & EARN - Current Contractor Referral Program

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Are you a current contractor with AFC? Then spread the word that AFC is currently recruting for top performing independent contractors within the US! We have so many programs and opportunities that offer competitve pay & flexible schedules.

Want to learn more about how YOU can REFER & EARN? Send an email to [email protected] for more details.

Releasing schedule intervals for AVS Client Opportunities

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Make sure you have the number to call in case you ever lose power or Internet and cannot access Starmatic to release your hours as you never want to “No-Show” what you post. The number is listed on your Agent Portal at the very bottom of the main page but it is a good idea to put it in your cell phone or have it written down somewhere in case you need it: 866.771.0041

Steps To Getting Started With AVS

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Ready to change your life forever? Follow these steps to create your profile for our AVS client - the possibilities are endless!

Create a Profile: The Profile is where you enter your basic information, such as contact information. You can complete a Profile and the Admissions process at www.ariseworkfromhome.com. Click on REGISTER NOW in the top left corner (orange box). This will lead you to a new page where you will then begin the registration process.


During this step, please enter 963992 as a reference#.


Background Check: All Independent Business Owners (that would be us) and their agents (that means you) will be required to have a background check*. Requirements regarding the impact of background checks may vary from project to project.The current rate (as of 8.6.2018) is FREE.

* All initial background check fees are reimbursed in the first full invoice.

Read & Sign: Read and sign a non-disclosure agreement to access client names and details.


Join the Arise Network: This is where you will have the opportunity to enter our IBO ID# to join the About Face Communications, LLC. team. Our IBO# is 68995. Once you enter this code you will click on the magnifying glass icon to submit your option. Once you have completed this step please send an email to [email protected] for an approval code. Your account will then be reviewed and if approved you will be able to move on to the next step.

Read & Sign: Once more the system will prompt you to read and sign a non-disclosure agreement as well as a waiver to be placed in your file. Once you have completed this step please notify us to finalize your application.


Select a Client Program: You have the flexibility to choose the client program that you would like to service. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies such as major telecommunications, cruise lines and the world’s largest online retailer. After discussing the options with us as well as the pay for each client opportunity, you will have the ability to select and enroll in the client opportunity that best fits your needs and skill set.

Please Note: Each client offers a certification course that must be passed in order to begin servicing. These are highly specialized, instructor-led online courses that provide information on the client’s systems that you will be using to service, as well as the requirements for the program. Most come with a fee that ranges from $9.99 - $249.00. However, there are vouchers and waivers available each cycle and are on a first-come basis. Please inquire on how you can qualify for these benefits.


 Certify in a Client Program: For each client program, you must complete the certification course where you will learn in detail about the client program, including the performance metrics and the client’s systems that you will use during servicing. This will be considered the training period where most of our clients will not offer revenue.


Execute a Contract: You and Arise will execute a Statement of Work (SOW) for each client program you choose to service. You may only service 3 clients at one time, however, you are not authorized to train for more than one client at once. Once the Statement of Work (SOW) is signed, you will then be a proud member of the About Face Communications team and can begin to service and earn revenue.

It is as easy at that. 

Why wait? Your future is right around the corner!


What Equipment & Tools Are Required for AVS Client Opportunities?

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Workstation Requirements Guide


In order to help ensure everyone’s success here at About Face Communications, LLC., all Client Support Professionals must have a strong working knowledge of computers including –but not limited to:


Being able to use a mouse and computer keyboard

Being able to shut down and turn on the computer properly

Understanding how to navigate the computer’s files and desktop environment

Knowing how to create, name, save and delete a folder

Functional knowledge of programs including how to launch and close a computer program

Understanding how to use e-mail including sending and opening e-mail

Knowing how to use the Internet including navigating to a site and using search engines like Google

Ability to navigate through multiple screens


Maintaining an optimal workstation setup is key to providing the good quality and service to the client programs that About Face Communications, LLC. supports. As your IBO we ensure that each of our CSP’s obtain, configure, and maintain their workstations.



Computer Specifications



A desktop/tower computer with a separate monitor is recommended, however, a laptop with the proper specifications will work.



Note: All-in-one computers may not be compatible with some client programs. Please refer to the opportunity announcement for additional requirements. Dual boot machines, Netbooks, and Tablets are prohibited from use.



Minimum Requirements





1 GHz Dual Core Processor



Operating System


Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1*

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will only be supported for client programs using the Arise Secure Desktop.

Windows Vista (UK Only) and Mac OSX may be supported for a limited set of opportunities.

Please refer to the opportunity announcement for additional requirements.





Windows XP: 1GB of RAM

Windows 7: 2GB of RAM

Windows 8/8.1: 2GB of RAM




1280 x 1024 (SXGA) screen resolution

1920 x 1080 (Full HD or 1080p) is recommended.





Each of the below accessories are needed:


USB headset with microphone (needed for Certification) Logitech, Plantronics, Microsoft, or similar brands recommended.

Hard-wired Telephone and headset (needed for Production) Plantronics T10 or similar recommended.





Client programs may have varying requirements for additional software compatibility. Please refer to the opportunity announcement for additional requirements.



Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0

Microsoft Security Essentials



Other security software may be incompatible and should be avoided. Technical support may be refused if your company’s software configuration is not compatible with Arise systems or is determined to cause incompatibilities with required servicing software.



Note: Your Independent Business is responsible for maintaining the security and reliability of its equipment. The following items are considered security risks to the Arise network and, upon detection, may subject your company to the suspension or termination of its MSA or SOW:



Unlicensed or pirated software

Malware infected software

Virtualized Operating Systems (ie: VMWare, Parallels, etc.)

Non-Arise provided VPN software or Proxy settings

TOR or other privacy software



Internet and Phone Service Providers



Hard-wired 3.0 Mbps download/1.0 Mbps upload broadband Internet service via DSL, Cable, or Fiber Optic connection.



Note: The use of wireless connections to access any Arise system at any time is prohibited, even if the connection is encrypted. Additionally, Satellite, Microwave, and Cellular Hotspot Internet Services are not permitted.



Note: USB connected modems are not supported.



Hard-wired land line telephone service.



Note: Unless stated otherwise in the opportunity announcement, most client programs are compatible with the following types of services: POTS (plain old telephone service), cable telephony, digital service, or VoIP. The service should be connected directly from the wall to your telephone, as Softphones and cell phones are not permitted. The telephone line should not interface at any point with the computer. The servicing telephone line should not have voice mail, fax, or other features on the line (other than long distance, if necessary). Please review the client opportunity announcement for full details.



Security Requirements



To ensure high level security for confidential information, it is recommended that IBs prohibit their CSPs from undertaking the following activities while servicing a client program unless such activity is part of a process that the IB is specifically authorized to perform:



Utilization of any external devices (including but not limited to CD/DVD drives, printers, external drives, scanners, etc.);

Copying/printing/reproduction in any form, including but not limited to local hard drive, email, chat/instant message, screenshots, handwritten or electronic notes, or pictures of any Client data;

Connecting to any network other than the Arise network while connected to any client network (bridging networks, peer-to-peer/workgroup, etc.);

Use of public applications including but not limited to social media sites, email, instant message/chat (other than with Arise or client representatives), and video/audio conferencing solutions not specifically approved in writing as necessary in performing a specific client’s tasks; or

Desktop sharing or remote control of a desktop with anyone other than an authorized technical support representative.




Office Space Requirement:



Comfortable working area free of background noises.

Comfortable office chair and desk that is at mid-chest level.

Keep water available while you work to keep hydrated.

Maintain plenty of light and air circulation.

As always - please keep any personal cellular phones on silent if you must have one on. However it is preferred that these devices are turned off during servicing hours.



US Military Discounts & Referral Program

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     We offer an excellent referral program for current servicing contractors. Want to learn more? Just send us a message and we will fill you in on all of the details of this amazing program!


      At About Face Communications, LLC we offer various discounts and bonuses through out the year to include but not limited to:

                               *Active Duty Military Members - Veterans - Active Duty Military Spouse - Veteran Spouse


     For active duty military members/Veterans and your spouses - we offer FREE CSP-101 as well as 50% off your first Client Opportunity in addition to the reimbursement of your background check on your first invoice. There are steps to take in order for this voucher to be approved. If you are interested in receiving this discount please feel free to contact me BEFORE you begin the application process.

                                                                           (proof required to be submitted before submission of application)